Nowadays, most home buyers are welcomed into their new abode with a washer and dryer included. However, they have become a very common purchase for this very reason, because more often than not, the model that’s left behind simply doesn’t cut the mustard, so homeowners have no other choice than to find a better model. Deciding on a new washing machine model to get is not always easy – there are so many out there – and the search can be very overwhelming, to say the least.

What makes the journey to finding a new washer and dryer even worse is when home shoppers focus on the wrong aspects, which can cause regret later when everything is set up and the machine doesn’t perform how they envisaged it would. There are some very easy tips to follow that will show you what to watch out for when looking to buy a new washer and dryer, so that it actually works right for you and your family and doesn’t just sit pretty in your new home.

Evaluate Your Space
If there is limited space where you plan on placing the new washer machine, for example flushed underneath a worktop beside a dishwasher, you should most certainly be looking for a front load washer and dryer. You do not want a top load washer and dryer because you won’t be able to open it with a worktop above it! Another great way to save space is to stack the front load washer and dryer on top one another wherever there is room. This way you will also use up less space in your home. However, if there’s ample space in your home, by all means go get that top load washer and dryer, as these models can typically handle more washing loads.

Think ‘Efficiency’
Since washer and dryer purchases are for long-term use, it makes sense to try and get a model that will not put a strain on your finances by generating hefty utility bills. So, on your search and whenever possible, you should look out for washers and dryers that are both water and energy efficient. These details are often contained in the specification of each model, with most having an Energy Star label to show that they are energy efficient. By better utilizing the amount of water and energy used, and how it is used, your new washer and dryer can save you quite a bit on your monthly home expenses.

Washer Design
While all the above is great, you of course don’t want to buy a washer that isn’t appealing to the eye, or doesn’t go with the theme or design of your home. So, although this is a less important detail than the previous, you should try and get a washer and dryer that will make you happy – or at least won’t make you feel uneasy – every time you look at it. Choose a color, finish and design that is attractive to you, whenever possible, still bearing in mind that practicality of daily use is always more important than the physical appearance of the washer.

So there you have it! Some very simple tips to help you on your quest for a new washer and dryer. If the model you have currently isn’t performing to expected standards, just consider the steps above and you will find the exact washer you are looking for.