When you need to find a new washer appliance, washing machine reviews can be enormously helpful in deciding which unit to buy. These reviews will give you deeper insight into the satisfaction of real-life customers, and will let you assess whether or not the model you’re considering will suit your needs. They will also enable you to see whether the company in question offers a high-quality product and a reasonable level of customer service.

A great strategy for finding the best washing machine for your needs is to focus on being informed by experienced users. Try not to be swayed by reviews from people who may not have done a lot of laundry before. Of course, you could argue that most people who are buying or have bought a washing machine are already experienced at how it all works, but this isn’t always the case. For example, first-time home-owners or home-renters are often also those that are buying washing machines for the first time, since most apartments typically already have washing machines provided before you move in.

The right washing machine review can make the difference between buying the machine of your dreams and buying a dud which can cost a large amount of money in terms of repair bills, and a huge amount of aggravation and stress most people, especially those with families, can really do without. Usually with reviews, it’s a numbers game. You are more likely to be happy with a washer that has received many five star reviews from real customers than a machine that has not been recommended by enough people, if any at all. It’s worth the peace of mind knowing that many other people have bought and used a product that you are about to buy and can vouch for its quality.

When looking for the right washer, make a list of the issues important to you. What do you need more? A machine that’s the right size and cost-effective? How about an energy efficient machine with a large number of easy-to-use options? Knowing as much as you can about what it is you’re looking for will allow you to make sure you’re able to glean the appropriate knowledge you need from the reviews in your research and therefore get the right washer for your home.

The next step, of course, is finding the right reviews. You’ll find there are many websites dedicated to reviews of household appliances, and these may be the best place to find genuine and honest reviews of washing machines you may wish to purchase, as they are not run or policed by washing machine companies themselves. As you can imagine, the washing machine reviews featured on the website of a company manufacturing these devices will be vetted and will be ones which are complimentary towards both the company and the unit sold.

Reading the reviews in question requires a close look and some time spent deciphering whether or not they’re relevant to your research. For example, a review complaining of poor customer service by a technician in Florida may not be relevant to someone purchasing a washing machine in Wisconsin as this technician will not be visiting; what becomes far more important is how the company responded when notified of this issue.

Washing machine ratings in and of themselves are not overly important; while of course you would like to purchase a machine with a high rating, you’ll need to make sure why the ratings are where they are before making a decision. Make sure you read each review through from beginning to end, taking notes on the issues brought up by whoever wrote it, so you can be sure the reviewer in question did not mention an issue that is deeply important to your choice of washing machine. Make sure your unit does not have any reviews against it which denote it as a unit that will be unsuitable for your needs; for example, if you have children and need to be sure you can clean the muddy clothing they bring home, you don’t want to purchase a unit that can only withstand small amounts of dirt, and if you have to do large loads each time you’ll need to make sure the unit can handle them.

Front Loading Washing Machines

If you’re considering front loading units, then reading our front loading washing machine reviews will be important to you. While these units have some advantages over the more conventional top-loading units, they also have down-sides and you’ll need to be sure the reviews you read are relevant to your unit of choice. But make sure first and foremost that front-loaders will suit your needs and be what you are looking for. For example, delicate or particularly light fabrics are not suited to top-loading machines, whereas front-loaders are prone to issues with the gasket sealing the door and require careful loading to prevent tissue from getting caught between the seal and the door and becoming torn or stretched during the laundry cycle.

When you have decided which will be the best washing machines for you, you can begin to look for the right reviews to help you find out which unit you should buy. A good way to start would be by attending a shop selling washing machines in person, but if a comprehensive store is too far away you can certainly rely on the internet. Be aware of how large your average load should be so you can ensure the unit will tend to your needs in terms of washing, and get ready to spend quite a few hours researching relevant reviews so you can be absolutely sure you’ll have the right machine. Also make sure you measure the space you have available and add an inch or so to each measurement to ensure your unit will fit into it easily. Water hookups are important too; a unit that needs a hot-water hookup will not do well in a space where only cold water flows, and if you really require that unit you’ll have to book a plumber to adapt the space accordingly and budget that into your expenditure for the machine.

This allows you to choose a set of units which will suit your needs. From here on in you can consider which ones will be suitable for your budget; whittle down your list and you’ll be able to narrow down your search quite considerably, allowing you to start checking reviews for the units you may or may not decide to purchase.

Checking reviews for the precise make and model of machine you plan to buy is important, as reviews for a brand alone won’t give you the information you need over the long term. You’re going to want information pertaining only to your machine of choice, and if you cannot find any washing machine reviews for it you should probably refrain from buying as you are unable to collect any first-hand information about its use and durability.

The simplest way to read through all the reviews you find, particularly if you find a large number, is by printing them all off. You can then read a bit here and there as your busy day allows. Alternatively, bookmark the pages and read as many as you can when you find a bit of time. It may seem like a lot of time to spend on a single appliance, but the careful research into ratings and reviews will allow you to save money and aggravation down the line.

As such, make sure you take some time out. A weekend or a few days when you have little work to do are ideal, as you can dedicate all your attention to the research required to find the best unit for your situation and your needs. Again, it may seem a bit over the top but will save you large amounts of money and stress in the future, and as such it is more than worth it.

The washing machine ratings you dig up will help you figure things out quite quickly. Obviously, very low ratings should be discarded; those machines are not for you. However, if a machine receives many high ratings and a few low ones, pulling the curve down, then you may find it’s best to disregard the lower ratings. Do file away the concerns raised by the reviews accompanying these ratings for future reference, however; they may contain a clue as to how you should resolve issues that could happen if you suffer some serious bad luck. It’s important to remember that some reviews will be left by disgruntled customers and may exaggerate the issues they experienced. Others leave untrue reviews simply to ‘troll’ the internet. You’ll have to use your own judgment and weigh the good reviews versus the bad, deciding along the way which to believe and which to ignore, or ascribe to coincidence (as factory faults are an occasional unfortunate happenstance, in which case the way the company responds in replacing the unit quickly becomes more important).

Websites such as this can prove to be an invaluable source in finding the best washing machine you can. You can find specifications pertaining to most models, browse by make or type, and find reviews of each model described. These come with star ratings you can easily analyze, so you won’t find it too difficult to find out whether or not a unit will fulfill your clean-laundry dreams or turn out to be a pain in the neck.

Don’t hesitate to make use of these pages in your search, but play it safe; by cross-referencing several sites you can make sure your results are neither a fluke nor a carefully built-up smokescreen.

Portable Washing Machine

Do you intend to go camping or is space at an unbelievable premium in your home? Perhaps you have a cross-country RV trip planned. In any case, you may well find yourself looking for a portable washing machine. Generally made of plastic and often with a cycle time of around a quarter of a conventional machine’s, these units can either be equipped with a hand-crank or a plug to attach it to your power grid. In either case, our portable washer reviews may focus on slightly different factors than conventional machines’. For example, as these machines are created for exceedingly small spaces, you may find the measurements are vastly different and you’ll need to rethink your scale. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for the ease of use and cycle time, as you will – at the very least – need to know when it needs to be plugged in or how long it will take for you to be done priming the machine by hand. Unless you really know what to expect from a portable washing machine, doing some research beforehand is imperative as it will allow you to figure out your needs and what you can reasonably expect from the unit you end up purchasing.

At any rate, the top rated washing machines may not always be the ones you need. These are frequently very expensive, and may not see to your specific needs. Bear in mind the fact that washing machine companies may be more emphatic about the need for customers’ feedback when they sell high-end, highly priced machines as they will need continued custom to make back the money they spent manufacturing the units. This is inevitable and can often mean that the more expensive washing machines distort the curve in terms of washing machine ratings. Be sure to read the reviews carefully and be willing to go off the beaten path if lower prices are of importance to you. And pay special attention to negative reviews for large companies’ popular models as these may well contain valuable clues as to how the company responds should the situation turn sour.

Don’t hesitate to let reviews guide your decision-making process, and don’t be tempted to simply buy a washing machine on a spur of the moment decision when you haven’t had the time to research the machine on an in-depth level. By making the most of the invaluable tools provided to us all by the internet, you can turn a potential for years-long grief and aggravation into a successful purchase that will bring you pleasure and non-stop use for years to come.

If you think of the machine you are about to buy as a permanent addition to your family, you’ll grow to think of it in more critical terms; simply replacing a malfunctioning machine, or one which does not adhere to your expectations, can be quite a costly and painful business. By making careful and well-considered use of the washing machine reviews available online you will be able to prevent this from happening and to make a choice you and your family will be happy with for a very long time – not just the lifetime of the machine, but the entire lifespan over which you’ll be able to enjoy happy memories unmarred by the stressful problems associated with owning a poorly-functioning or unsuitable washing machine. Enjoy the process of shopping for your next machine, and take your time – no doubt you will find the perfect appliance and enjoy it for years to come.