Front Load Washer Review

If you are looking for a front load washer, you’ll want to know precisely what it’s all about and whether it will suit your needs and those of your household. Luckily, you have come to the right place, as you will find all the relevant information about these washing machines right here.

These appliances, also known as H-axis washers, are popular all over the world, primarily in Europe and the Middle East. Contrary to a top-loading model, the outer drum and inner basket are mounted horizontally instead of vertically, allowing the washer to be loaded from the front where a door is mounted. Most of these units will have a window in the door, allowing you to keep an eye on the laundry as it happens.

Finding the best front load washer is not as difficult as it may seem, as they are a staple item in many homes. There are some very popular machines with great ratings from both customers and independent rating companies and that stand out from the rest, such as the LG Graphite Front Load Steam Washer and Electric Dryer Set with pedestals and this single unit washer dryer combo. This is primarily because they are more economical, requiring less water than their vertically-oriented counterparts, and because they tend to use less soap. This also makes them more environmentally friendly, which is another selling point.

These particular washing machines are quite effective at removing dirt and stains, as the agitating action of the turning drum allows the weave of the fabric to stretch, which allows the dirt to be washed out quite easily. Despite the low amount of soap required, the agitation will create plenty of suds and foam, allowing these appliances to make the most of a small amount of washing powder or liquid.

Most of these particular washers begin each cycle by turning the drum whilst filling it with water; this allows the clothing to become saturated with water more rapidly. The washer will only use as much water as required to do the load, which means ensuring the clothing is able to absorb the water quickly allows it to gauge how much more or less is needed than usual.

Front loaders use different washing powders from top-loaders, which release different stain-fighting agents according to the water temperature. This allows you to be a bit more specific about what you want a load of laundry to achieve, which may help you tackle stains more accurately and more effectively with front load washers.

Another reason to choose this type of washer is the fact that they cause less wear on clothing despite washing it more efficiently. This will allow you to save money on new clothes and enjoy your favourite items of clothing for longer as your washing machine is less likely to cause them to need early retirement. Do be wary of shutting a fold of clothing into the door, however, as this can cause stretching and even tearing.

If you need a stackable setup, you’ll be glad to hear these washers are far better suited to having a dryer mounted atop them. As your washing machine is likely to shudder and move around during the spin cycle, it is important to place the washing machine at the bottom when possible; a front load washer makes this possible.

W6424W Asko Energy Star Family Size Front Loaded Washer

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The W6424W Asko Energy Star Family Size Front Loaded Washer is a high-quality device that promises to make all of your family’s laundry dreams come true. With a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet it is bound to do a load large enough to suit your family, and this will drastically reduce the amount of time you need to spend on the laundry as well as allowing you to save energy and water.

It has a variety of programs allowing you to choose whatever is most useful for you, and the options for temperature, spin speed, rinsing and delayed start for up to 24 hours are quite sufficient; now you can set your laundry up and time it to start just in time for you to throw everything into the dryer or onto the washing line when you get in from work. Other people prefer to run theirs in the middle of the night when the noise won’t bother them, and set their laundry to start at 6am so they can throw everything into the dryer when they get downstairs for breakfast!

The heavy-duty steel drum is ready for anything you can throw at it, and a motor that won’t quit and has the juice required to turn that same drum even when it’s full of water and clothes, will work together to provide you with an unparalleled washing experience while the SmoothDial technology makes it easy to use the various buttons and knobs on the front.

To put the cherry on the cake, the liquid-crystal display on the front will help you choose the best options for your cycle. Additionally, it will perform an invaluable function in keeping time. You’ll know just how long your laundry has left by glancing at the front of your machine!

WM2140CW LG Front Loaded Washer

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The WM2140CW LG Front Loaded Washer is altogether a simpler beast, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As far as front loading washers go, it looks like a more casual throw-back to a time when the controls for our washing machines were altogether far less complex and thus, easier to use. With a simple dial accompanied by a few buttons, it is quite a good machine for the household looking for simplicity.

A load capacity of 3.5 cubic feet allows you to use this unit even for larger loads, and the NeveRust stainless steel drum should last you a lot longer than your clothes will. A spin cycle of up to 1100 rpm allows you to make sure your clothes are as clean as they possibly can be, successfully removing most of the water from the fabric so you can count on a relatively short drying time.

Additionally, in a very nice touch, this unit comes with no fewer than 5 soil level settings. These allow you to specify precisely how dirty your clothing is, allowing the machine to give some extra attention to particularly filthy loads or skim lightly over clothes which have only been used once or suffer merely from a mild case of sweatiness.

A child lock allows you to make absolutely sure your children don’t ‘accidentally’ mess with the settings, which can be imperative for families with small kids who have busy hands, and the end of cycle beeper will kindly alert you when the washing machine reaches the end of its cycle so you can get on with your day.

Finally, the quiet operation means you won’t be held hostage by the rattling and pounding from your utility room as your machine finishes cleaning your clothes, and allows you to make full use of the 19-hour delay timer.

WAS24460UC Bosch Energy Star AXXIS Plus

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The WAS24460UC Bosch Energy Star AXXIS Plus is a front load washer with a difference. Not only will it offer spin speeds of up to 1200 rpm, it also boasts a 2.16 cubic feet load capacity and a high-efficiency tumble action wash that will make the most of your detergent indeed. The selection of wash cycles is comprehensive, allowing you to choose convenient options such as the reduced ironing option and the KidsCare stain removal program which is specifically designed to help remove stains. A must-have for any family of mud-monsters!

As it is Energy Star rated, you’ll know you’re purchasing an energy-efficient model which will save you money in terms of your electricity bill – a definite bonus for anyone. You can also count on a comprehensive warranty system allowing you to sleep peacefully knowing your washing machine is not going to bail on you without a costless repair.

If you are looking for the best front loading washer, you may well have to stop at this one as it offers an easy set of controls with a huge selection of options that can cater for every laundry need and still get the stains out in time.

The Sound Reduction inclusive in this model allows you to enjoy it without having noise problems that keep you from enjoying the television, radio or your mp3 player during any of the cycles. It is also stackable, allowing you to pair it easily with a matching dryer without giving up any more floor-space than you would before.

And finally, if you need to sanitize clothing or cloths on a regular basis, this machine comes with a sanitary cycle washing clothes at 161ºF. This can be an absolute must in homes catering to elderly or disabled family members, but comes in handy in any house at some time or another.

AWD121NA Ariston Energy Star Washer Dryer Combo

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If you happen to be looking for a front load washer and dryer, the AWD121NA Ariston Energy Star 24″ Washer/Dryer Combo may be up your alley. It is a front loading unit with quite a few features, and allows you to save extra space in terms of fitting two appliances in one. As such, it is undoubtedly a handy option for anyone living in limited space, but you should also consider how much time is saved by the fact that one machine does both the washing and dryer. Being able to throw a load into the appliance and set it going in the morning, only to find your clean, dry clothes when you come home from work – or doing so overnight. In addition, the 1200 rpm spin cycle will spin quite a lot of the moisture out of your clothes, meaning you won’t have to worry the drying cycle won’t cut the mustard.

To make it even better, you get a delay timer. This means you can time your cycle to begin at the right time, so your clean dry clothes don’t sit in the machine getting irrevocably crinkled for hours before you get around to taking them out and ironing and/or folding them.

A washing load of up to 13lbs and carefully designed overflow and flood protection make this front loading washer dryer into an incomparable triumph of technology over household chores, and the bleach stain removal setting allows you to easily introduce bleach into the cycle for maximum effect. If you’re looking for a washer dryer combo, this machine is definitely the one for you, with the functionality of two appliances mixed into one saving space and time, and adding an enormous degree of convenience to your life.

FAFW4011LW Frigidaire Affinity Front Loaded Washer

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The FAFW4011LW Frigidaire Affinity Front Loaded Washer is a less expensive option. Nevertheless, it contains a wide range of options allowing you to enjoy its usefulness and feel assured that you have a high-quality unit you cannot complain too much about. With a massive capacity of almost 3.5 cubic feet, it allows you to wash large loads with ease and without compromising in terms of cleanliness.

The start, pause and cancel buttons allow you to cancel or even pause a load mid-cycle for whatever reason, which can come in very handy indeed if you accidentally set it off before you wanted to, or if you need to cancel a load you chose the wrong cycle for. With seven wash cycles and three soil levels, you’re sure to get the right one, though. And with choices of bulky, heavy, normal, casual and delicate you can tailor every cycle to the fabrics in the load.

The stay-fresh antimicrobial seal allows you to avoid the usual build up of microbes and other germs which can lead to mold, and you can rely on it to keep your washing machine clean and tidy, which will help your laundry stay fresh and clean.

To sum up, front loaders can be the perfect choice for any household and have many advantages over their more traditional top loaded counterparts. Consider carefully whether they would be the right choice for you, and use our comprehensive reviews to choose the right front load washer for your home and your family. After all, when it comes to cleaning their clothes, you want what’s best for everyone, and you want to be sure you purchase an appliance that will bring you many happy washer loads throughout the years. Happy shopping, and enjoy life with your new, more efficient machine!