The Reason washing machine pictured here is one of the smartest washing machines ever. How? Well, at its core is a revolutionary and unique sliding drum that makes the Reason incredibly simple and easy to use. All you need to do when washing the laundry is pull out the drum, drop in the clothes, push one button and walk away! The drum itself has a massive 12kg capacity that fits into a standard size washer body, and can dispense the precise amount of water, detergent and conditioner required for the specific weight of the load. What’s more the Reason washing machine is very energy efficient and can help save many households a lot of time and wastage thanks to its unique laundry loading design and one button control. The drawer-style drum eliminates the need for bending down and even holding the laundry basket while off-loading, which itself has huge implications for many homes. According to the Reason blog ‘the powered sliding door automatically detects objects that are in the way during opening and closing, stopping immediately if any are detected’.

This eco-friendly washing machine, originally launched in 2009 and relaunched in September 2011.

Watch the video to see this revolutionary washing appliance in action.