Washer Dryer

Every home owner wants to own one of the best washer and dryer sets. But finding the best washer dryer combo for you may not be as simple as you originally assumed. It can especially present a challenge if you need a stackable washer dryer, as this narrows your scope considerably. Not to worry – help is at hand!

The first consideration when looking for a washer dryer combo is the space where you will need to put it. Carefully research your home and living area so that you can determine the best space in which to place these appliances. Many homes have either a utility room or a small space off the hallway built specifically for these large appliances. If you only have a small amount of room available, you may need to consider the possibility of a stacked washer dryer combination set. These sets are built specifically to allow you to easily save space by stacking the two appliances atop one another so they only take up the floor-space required for one. However, bear in mind the fact that this makes them more difficult to use as you will need to lift the laundry up toward the appliance resting on top of the other.

In other words, convenience is key. Obviously you need to bear this in mind as you will use these appliances every single day; laundry is a chore requiring attention every day in most households, so you need both the best washer and dryer sets and the most convenient setup possible. This means considering placement from more angles than the availability of space alone. For example, if you keep your appliances near the living or sleeping quarters, the noise may be intrusive and you will, at least, need to schedule your laundry in such a manner as to avoid keeping people awake or interfering with children’s naps and homework. Luckily, there are extremely quiet and reliable combination washer dryers like this hugely popular item that help relieve any added or unnecessary stress associated with the processing of laundry.

If, however, you have a space available, for either a stackable washer dryer or two available units, which is some way away from the main living and sleeping quarters in your home, you may find it most convenient to place them there. Also bear in mind the space you will need to fold the laundry and how far you will need to carry it; basement utility rooms are quite popular, and often have the space required, but carrying heaping baskets of clean laundry up the stairs is not a feasible option for people with back problems, for example.

Top Rated Washer and Dryer Brands

Your washer dryer combo should be of a reputable brand. While combos from a less-known brand may be less expensive, they are typically not as reliable or durable as the more common, and established manufacturers. While this may be acceptable if you are a single person doing a load or two each week, for a family of four with children dirtying load upon load of clothing and requiring daily washes to be run, this would be a non-starter and may well prove more expensive in the long run if you consider repair costs and the amount spent at the Laundromat during your wait for the repair man. As such, before purchasing washers and dryers, you should do some careful research into the brand you’re considering. Google can help; search for user reviews of the brand and, ideally, the model you wish to purchase. Don’t be put off by one or two poor reviews; the content is what matters. Also, if you find a few negative reviews mentioning poor function but a swift repair or replacement from the company, you can often dismiss them entirely as it is all right for the machine to malfunction as long as the company backs the warranty appropriately. If, however, you happen to find a combo with lots of great reviews from very happy customers, like this top rated combo, then you’ll know you’ve discovered something akin to the best washer and dryer sets available and can act accordingly!

Of course, anecdotal evidence from friends can help here as well. There is no reason not to take personal experience from people you know and trust into account. They can often offer insights online reviews cannot and you will be able to trust that they are not trying to put one over on you as they will have your best interests at heart. Considering these factors, you will be able to ask them specific questions such as how they find conditions with your local water (both soft and hard water requires some action on your part to keep the appliances in top working order) and what their experiences have been with customer support.

Stacked Washers and Dryers

Should you buy a stackable washer dryer, you will need to consider how to place them and whether the area provides sufficient support. For example, a top-loading washing machine will need to be placed atop the front-loading dryer. Will the walls provide adequate support for any wobbling the stack will perform during the spin cycle? The sales person you speak to in a physical shop will be able to discuss these eventualities with you, but if you order online you have no such provisions. Be prepared to call the company or website you’re buying from. The best results will come from writing your questions down on paper so you can refer to the list if you forget any.

Expect to be treated very well indeed; no matter how nice the appliance or appliances may be, if you have to deal with poor customer service every time something goes wrong or you have a question about the machine, you will grow very tired of the company indeed. Should you find customer service to be rude, unhelpful or otherwise lacking, don’t hesitate to jettison the company as a possibility in its entirety; there are, after all, plenty of companies out there who will provide you with excellent service as well as top-notch machines.

Buying and Maintaining Washer Dryers

When ordering or purchasing your washer dryer combo, you’ll need to be prepared to wait some time before it is delivered. Make sure you know exactly when you can expect it to be delivered at your home, and then prepare the space so that the delivery person only has to drop it off and can leave as soon as possible. If you are supposed to handle connection yourself, make sure a suitable plumber has been notified and is standing by to make sure you can make use of your new appliances at the soonest available opportunity. Don’t be tempted to handle it all on your own unless you genuinely know what you are doing, as you may well find you will regret this course of action when half of your home is flooded with water!

Even the best washer dryer sets need a dab hand to operate them. Make sure you read the instruction manual end to end and are able to cope with minor issues. Also remember to clean out any consumables such as the lint trap and water reservoir, and be sure to clean the condenser unit where appropriate. If you feel it will be difficult for you to schedule regular cleanings for items such as the condenser unit, set an alarm on your cell phone which reminds you to undertake a monthly cleaning. The manual should contain information as to how to clean the various parts of your unit appropriately, as well as information about how often you should undertake this activity.

Energy Efficient Washer Dryer Combination

Previously, we mentioned the stackable washer dryer as a solution for limited floor-space. However, should you have truly claustrophobic amounts of room available, you can always opt for a combination washer dryer instead. These units incorporate both a washer and a dryer within one appliance, and can take your clothes from dirty to clean and dry in one fell swoop. If you work all day, they may in fact be an excellent option, as they do not rely on a human to switch machines midway through the cycle but can simply be loaded up in the morning and emptied in the evening. This makes them absolutely ideal for career-driven individuals and people who find they have little or no time during the day to ensure the laundry is popped into the dryer. However, these units can often suffer from the combination and cheaper ones are not the best idea. Aim to buy high-end combination machines to ensure your clothes have a safe, well-functioning place to go.

Whether your washer dyer combo comes in one unit or two, you’ll want to ensure it is energy-efficient. Check, or ask, for the energy-efficiency of your unit before you purchase it as this can make a sizeable difference in terms of your energy bills. The shop you purchase from should have this information available to you at all times, so you can make a decision accordingly. Saving money on the unit now may seem like a good idea, but if it means paying sky-high electricity bills later it will not save you money overall. The best washer and dryer sets will be quite energy-efficient and allow you to save pennies here and there on your electric bill. Look out for the Energy Star stamp of approval on selected models. This is definitely worth more money up-front, as you will be looking to use the unit or units for years and years to come.

All-in-One Washer and Dryers are Space Savers

Outfit your laundry room or utility space appropriately. A counter top allowing you to fold laundry on top of, or next to the units is a great idea. If you decide to purchase a stackable washer dryer, make sure you have some space on which to lean the laundry basket as you transfer the washing from one unit to the next. This will make it easier to use your stackable units quickly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy it for many years. Ensure you have some shelving available for laundry soap and fabric softeners, and if possible a sink in which to pre-treat seriously stained items. If you have the room for some washing lines, you can try to air-dry items which need it or simply to save some money when it is warm enough. As such, keep plenty of clothespins to hand.

Your washer dryer combo will hopefully last you for many years, so make sure your laundry setup is sustainable. If you end up having to do some crazy maneuvering every time you take load out or put one in, you’ll find it getting tiresome very quickly and using the space for years will not be an attractive prospect at all. As such, you need to give yourself some test runs and be prepared to tweak the setup a bit here and there until you find the ideal combination of appliances, space, and other furniture.

In the case of an all in one washer dryer you simply wish to ensure you have plenty of counter space for folding, and perhaps an ironing board nearby in case you need to iron some of your clothes. As you’ve saved space by getting one unit instead of two, you can now use this extra room to make sure your utility has everything you could possibly dream of. Think big – again, laundry is a chore you’ll never really stop doing!

The best washer and dryer sets are not as difficult to find as people often assume. Simply look in the right places and you will be able to find a set of units to suit your every need. The key really is to take the time out to find the best set for your requirements and your budget. If you can do that, you’ll be able to make yourself a happy camper for years to come as you use units which are ideal for your circumstances. Whether you purchase free-standing units or a stackable washer dryer set, you’re sure to find the correct set for you and be able to enjoy the perfect laundry setup. All it takes is a careful eye and a willingness to put in all the research required. Before you know it, you’ll be washing your clothes in the privacy of your own home using the best appliances available.